volofinance – World Class Asset Management Company

Paul Livermore – CEO of volofinance introduces volofinance to the world.

A world class asset management company helping investors in Asia and South East Asia to gain asset growth without the hassle.

volofinance & Prudent Internasional – BAPPEBTI, ICDX & ICH regulated platform

volofinance Prudent Internasional Berjangka regulated by : BAPPEBTI, ICDX & ICH regulated platform.

Introducing James Benford, Chief Technical Officer Of volofinance

volofinance introduces our Chief Technical Officer, James Benford

With his in-depth experience in financial markets and fund management, James is responsible for leading volofinance‘s global trading strategies in major currencies, commodities and cryptocurrencies, develop a Hawkeye Trading AI, as well as providing technical guidance for all businesses units under volofinance.

volofinance‘s 3 Technicals, 2 Analyses, 1 Volume Trading Strategy

The financial market is unpredictable for beginners, but there are traces for the experienced traders of volofinance to determine the trend. volofinance introduces 3 Technicals, 2 Analyses, 1 Volume Trading Strategy to capture market trends and assist Investors in asset growth.

Why Trading Strategy Is So Important? volofinance Trading Philosophy & Risk Management

Trading Strategy is important because it involves Risk Management and protects your asset from accruing losses. Risk is inevitable in trading financial products, but with the right strategy developed from volofinance‘s expert team we can minimise the risk to the least possible for our investors and gain profit.