volofinance – 3 Technical 2 Analysis 1 Volume Trading Strategy

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volofinance is a fund management company that leads investors to jointly gain profit and wealth. Based on scientific trading concepts and systematic technical analysis, combined with rich financial industry experience, the trading strategy of “3 Technical, 2 Analysis and 1 Volume” has been successfully developed.

3 Technicals

The financial market may be unpredictable for many beginners, but there are many clues for the experienced traders of volofinance to pick up. After excluding a variety of technical indicators, we streamlined and selected 3 core technical indicators that have been verified by the market for many years: Price Action, MACD (moving average convergence divergence) and Bollinger Bands which can be used to judge the most appropriate market entry point.

Our experienced traders will use these 3 indicators to match multiple major currency trading pairs, such as: EUR-USD, GBP-USD, USD-JPY, EUR-GBP… and find the most suitable investment opportunities. We will only start investing when these 3 technical indicators cross-validate a feasible trend.


2 Analysis

  1. Sentimental Analysis
    Sentiment analysis is a decisive key to volofinance’s trading technology. Sentiment analysis technology can capture the volume of buyers and sellers in the market, capital flow and make up for the lack of “3-Technical” analysis. It will also allow our traders to understand the actual market behaviour.

    volofinance’s sentiment analysis technology mainly uses the following three tools to cross-analyse it:

    – Open Position Ratio/Current Ratio

    The position ratio tool can capture open positions on major currency pairs and trading platforms, and analyse the general market trend.

    – Depth of Market/ Order Book

    Market depth shows the recent market volume, capital flow and investors that are entering or leaving the market.

    – Percentage of buyers and sellers (Trading Activity)

    The percentage of buyers and sellers can reflect the sentiment in the market and investors’ expectations for the bull and bear market.

  2. International market analysis / Fundamental Analysis
    The volofinance team captures the latest political or economical news of major currency countries, stock markets, and digital currencies on the market every day. They then use years of financial experience to make a calculated judgement regarding future trends. A fund manager with an international perspective and financial industry experience can lead the team to better identify market entry points and eliminate false rumours.


1 Volume

1 Volume refers to the volume of the market. Thanks to the MT4 trading software and the market transaction volume display function of the FXSSI tool, combined with the judgment of 3 technical and 2 analysis, looking for financial products with high liquidity and normal supply and demand relationships, eliminating artificial hype trend.


3 Technical, 2 Analysis, 1 Volume Intelligent Trading AI

The Chief Technology Officer of volofinance has spearheaded a unique trading AI for volofinance on the MT4 trading software based on 3 standards, 2 techniques and 1 volume trading technology.

When looking at the major foreign exchange currency pairs, mainstream blockchain currencies, or the CFD market and there is a market that meets all of our 3 standards, 2 techniques, 1 volume and all indicators, the trading AI will prompt our trading team. After the technical officer confirms the entry opportunity and risk assessment, the trader will be allowed to accurately place the order.

Transaction results

volofinance’s assets under management are close to 100 million U.S. dollars, and the best performing custody group has steadily made profit over the period of one year, earning 300% of the income. The other groups also obtained 280% and 254% of the returns respectively, which shows the strength of volofinance’s trading strategy.