The Most Potential Investment Direction In 2021: Forex

In 2020, the Dow Jones Index had witnessed eight times the “ten largest one-day declines” in stock market history. This fact undoubtedly tells us that the stock market is facing a crisis. But aside from the stock market, there are still opportunities in other financial markets.

The stock market has been impacted by the pandemic, and capital investors need to look for other investment directions after fleeing the stock market. The forex market, as the basis of global trade, is an investment alternative for capitals. The renewed flow of capital into the forex market has led to intensified fluctuations, creating a profitable space and attracting even more investors; no matter experienced or new investors are entering the forex market to explore profit opportunities.

The Following 4 Factors Are The Reasons Why You Should Enter The Foreign Exchange Market :

  1. The Sino-U.S. Trade War Still Exists

    Former U.S. President Trump’s decision to impose tariffs on Chinese imports had triggered a trade war between the two countries. To maintain the influence of the States on the global economy and relations with its allies, the current President Biden has not yet lifted the tariffs.

    In 2021, changes in the relationship between these major countries and their allies will result in an escalation of the trade war, causing dynamic fluctuations in the forex market, and more profit opportunities.

  2. The Aftermath Of Brexit

    The GBP and EUR are some of the cornerstone currencies of the world economy, and the GBP and EUR currency fluctuations caused by Brexit will not easily be dissipated. The impact of Brexit on businesses, the economy and the market may slowly unfold in the remaining year of 2021, and the exchange rate between GBP, EUR, and USD may be affected at any time.

  3. Unrest In The United States

    The US dollar has a significant influence on the forex market. In the U.S., the racial tension left behind by the former president, Biden revoking almost everything Trump had made, human rights campaigns, state economic fatigue, etc turmoils have made the USD likely to weaken further, and various currencies paired with USD are bound to experience huge fluctuations.

  4. Technology And Lifestyle Changes In The Era

    The lockdown policy due to the pandemic has ushered the world into a new model of work lifestyle. Major corporations and employees are used to the convenience of working at home, plus, food delivery and online shopping services have further integrated into people’s lives.

    These emergency measures are now becoming permanent corporate and lifestyle solutions. As more companies and institutions take this opportunity, extra time at home to rethink their strategy and research investment opportunities in the financial market.

How To Seize The Opportunity In 2021?

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