How To Start Investing in 2021? A Comparison of Stocks, Cryptocurrency, Forex, and Other Investment Products

In 2021, the global economy is still recovering from the severe impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Investors and capitals were under intense growth pressure, resulting in withdrawal from physical investment and investing in the financial market. Meanwhile, central banks of multiple countries are printing currencies to stimulate the economy and this had caused inflation.

Due to inflation, the assets you deposit in the banks are depreciating all the time. The only method to preserve your asset value is by investment. If you have a spare budget this year, it is possible that you can venture into investing.

Financial Product Comparison

Cryptocurrency Forex Stocks Fixed Deposit
Huge Profit Margins Global Commerce Stock Market Depression Low Return Rate
Fintech Future Trend Demand Always Exists Tourism And Entertainment Industry Depression Fund Secured
Fast Profit Cycle Two-Way Profit Margins Slow Profit Cycle Slow Profit Cycle


Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

Blockchain is undoubtedly the future trend, as long as the existing traditional financial system still using its rigid centralized management with high transaction and transfer fees, there will always be spaces for blockchain and cryptocurrency to grow.

Additionally, the entry-level for cryptocurrency investing is relatively low compared to stock markets and fixed deposits. As long as you enter at the right trend, the profit opportunity can be huge and the return period can be relatively short.


The entry level to investing in forex is also very low, and the profit opportunity of forex investments are based entirely on the economic conditions of each country. Therefore, as long as there is international trade between countries, forex investment will always exist, and there is room for profit regardless of economic recession or growth. However, this type of investment has a higher risk than cryptocurrency and requires high professional knowledge.

Stock Market

The global stock market is still experiencing depression caused by the pandemic. Many investors had been experienced losses, no one can be sure when the economy will recover, and the entry-level to the stock market is high. It is not recommended for beginners to enter the stock market as the start.

Fixed Deposit

The entry-level is adequately affordable for new investors. Although fixed deposit has its benefit with stability, the profit margin is too small and the return period is too long. If the beginner’s capital is small, there is not much profit or loss no matter how the market does.

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In short, the cryptocurrency and forex investment markets have advantages such as low entry-level, shorter profit return periods, and larger profit margins.

If new investors are interested but do not know how to start investing in these two products, how do they start investing?

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